Adult Presentation Evening 18/19

10 June 2019

We concluded the 2018/19 season with our Adultspresentation evening at the George Reynolds Centre.

Thanks to everyone that came, award winners as follows:

Players' Player = Lewis Trusson
Players' Player R/Up = Lewis England
Manager's Player = James Martin
Top Goalscorer = George Gillman

Players' Player = Mark Holton
Players' Player R/Up = Oliver Cutbush
Manager's Player = Tom Fussell
Top Goalscorer = Tommy Martin

Players' Player = Barry Hayne
Players' Player R/Up = Daniel Stenner
Manager's Player = Ashley Pogson
Top Goalscorer = Mike Calverley

A Team:
Players' Player = Jamie Manley & Marcus Burgess
Manager's Player = Mark Dulwich
Top Goalscorer = Sam Murley

Players' Player = Emily Cole
Players' Player R/Up = Taylor Larcombe
Manager's Player = Jodie Isaacs
Top Goalscorer = Holly Wyatt
Most Improved = Emily Williams
Bernard Bagwell Cup = Ky Wastnidge

Other Men's:
Most Improved = Josh Hayne
Young Player = Jack Gillman

200 Appearances = Tom Broome & James Martin
100 Appearances = Robert Doble