Football Foundation Grants Awarded

12 December 2020

Over the summer we were fortunate enough to receive 2 grants from the Football Foundation that were being offered in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to allow Clubs to prepare for the start of the new season.

With last season curtailed most grassroots clubs were, and continue to be, significantly impacted by the loss of income from 2019/20 season. The Football Foundation offered grants to Clubs to cover pitch maintenance work that may have otherwise not been completed. In a first for us, we were awarded some funding to allow us to carry out repair work on our Henhayes pitch. The goal areas were repaired and re-seeded, and the trench across the pitch (that was the result of some works carried out on the GRC) was levelled and again re-seeded.
But the work doesn’t stop there. The Henhayes pitch has also been verti-drained once and will be again over the course of the season - with the aim of improving the drainage in the wetter months.

We were also awarded a smaller Football Foundation grant to contribute towards to costs of purchases required in direct response to the FA and Government approved “COVID Secure” guidelines for the return of football. In addition to topping up our supplies of anti-bacterial equipment that all of our teams have, it was used to fund the purchase of the signage you see at Henhayes.

This funding has been vital to us and many other Clubs across the country. As ever, thanks to the Football Foundation for their continued support.